Jul 18

New Forms Of Advertising

New forms of advertising are emerging and they are overtaking traditional media like television, news papers, magazines, etc. because of a shift towards consumer internet as well as storage & hand held devices. World Wide Web is a new media & its a phenomenon. Web based advertising prices dependents on the “relevance” of the surrounding web content and the traffic that a website receives.

Companies are experimenting and taking monetary risks to reach customers. In recent past some companies have proposed to place messages or corporate logos on booster rockets, satellites and the space stations. The effectiveness of subliminal advertising and mass messages still not clear to most advertisers.

As the mobile phone became a new mass media, mobile advertising followed the trend. By 2007, the market of mobile advertising had reached 2.2 billion dollars. Thousands of ads delivered on mobile phones everyday. Advanced mobile ads include banner ads, MMS pictures, video messages, advergames and various engagement campaigns. The feature driving mobile ads is the 2D Barcode, which replaces the need to do any typing of web addresses and uses camera feature of modern phones to gain access to web content.

The other new form of advertising that is growing rapidly is social network advertising. It is a kind of online advertising with a focus on social networking sites like Face Book. This is a relatively immature market. It has created ripples in western media due to its ability to provide demographic information of target market.

A few new breed internet startups relying on launching new forms of advertising to generate revenue. These forms can include product placements, sponsorships of various flavors, local advertising, interactive out of home, and lots of variations of mobile advertising. This is a tough business model considering how ad space is bought by major

Jul 17

Relationship Marketing – A Paradigm Shift in Business

The bottom-line sales mentality is undoubtedly an important driving force behind establishing brand presence in the market and causing competitors to sit up and take notice. An assertively robust transactional approach is necessary, sure, but it is so easy to forget the importance of forging a relationship for the transaction to materialise, especially when no brand wishes to be written off as a one-time wonder. There are plenty of “how-to” self-help saviours and marketing gurus out there advocating the importance of the product/service and consumer connection. Very few demonstrate genuine commercial and relationship-oriented acumen and focus on providing the consumers with information on the Brand Source.

Who is the person/people behind the brand?

What served as their source of inspiration? How do they know what’s important for us, the consumers?

This person/people are consumers too. What gap in the market did they identify and what helped them see what others did not see?

Are they offering a product or service? Or are they endorsing a way of life, a revolutionary change? Have they conceived something that would force us to look at everyday life through different lenses? Will future posterity benefit from this change?

Therefore, the keystone for successful relationship marketing is a two-way street. The “person” in the relationship is not just the consumer but also the human eyes, ears, heart and hands behind a brand, no different from the average Joe across the street. It is this person or group of people who tapped a particular talent and built upon a vision, in the hopes that the masses would see what they see. If we care to look into the origins of any brand, it is often no coincidence that there is a consistent pattern of: need realisation, entrepreneurial and creative ingenuity, resourcefulness, old-fashioned goodwill and teamwork and the eventual propelling into commercial

Jul 15

Effectiveness Of Brochure Printing In Advertising

Companies nowadays have a lot of ways to reach out to their target market especially with the continuous advancement of technology. Among all these options, one way that has been proven effective and used for a long time is brochure printing.

Before discussing this further, let us first define the word brochure. Brochures are also known as pamphlets or leaflets. It is a tool for advertisement where brief and important facts about the companys products or services are written. These informative materials are then distributed by mail, displayed on rack stands, or handed out personally by representatives to potential product end users or consumers.

Brochure printing can be very effective because of the following reasons: Easy to read: In a fast paced world that we are living in today, companies who need to advertise their product or service must relay their message in the easiest and simplest way possible, since some people no longer have the time to stop and divert their attention to things that they do not normally do, like, reading advertisements or write ups that do not catch their attention. Especially if you are selling a new product, you need to at least have the opportunity to grab a little time of your prospects and gain their interest, the fastest way. Brochure printing can be a perfect way to attain this goal. Your reader can easily grasp the message that you want to convey, since the information written are kept short and simple.

Portable guide: When you are advertising, the main purpose of doing so is to introduce your product and to make it known to as many people as possible. Since brochures are handy, you can easily distribute them to the people strolling in malls, or the professionals walking along the busy streets. If your product

Jul 15

Why Traditional Advertising Is Dead

Future trend, no more newpapers ? .More and more newpapers are dead. The wave of the future may be logo imprinted products, which have proven to be a better value than either newsprint or online advertising. targeted to your exisitng and future clients are moreeffective in promotion your brand.

Newsprint advertising is becoming less and less a bargain, in a world where consumers are increasingly getting their information online and from non traditional sources. The Newspaper Association of America surveys show print advertising dropping by about 2 percent every year. The good news for business owners? Imprinted products can pick up where newsprint advertising leaves off.

Newspaper ad sales reps have long claimed that newsprint advertising is more effective than online advertising, because a newsprint ad is tangible it’s an advertisement the potential customer clip out, hold in her hand, and carry with her to the store. Online advertising only visual.

But nothing is more tangible than an imprinted product with your company’s name, logo, and contact information. Imprinted products have a large long term advantage over visual images that flicker on a computer screen and newsprint ads that appear with yesterday’s news: they are durable. Easy to distribute, imprinted logo products also can be held in the hand and carried to the store, especially if your advertising specialty item is a logo keytag or an imprinted pen.

And unlike online ads that disappear with the click of a mouse, or newsprint ads that end up lining the trash can, your imprinted product will continue to be useful to the customer and a useful advertising marketing tool for you for months to come.

So learn to say thank you to your long term clinets with a thoughtful gift now and again. Remember the secratary as well as the person who

Jul 11

Challenges Of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing refers to the promotion of products and services over the internet. There are many who opt for online marketing for promotion of their business. Web has introduced many advantages to marketing. Few of them are lower cost and ability to have access to wider client base. Along with benefits, the medium that is interactive in nature brings various challenges.

There are many challenges to confront and surpass in the web business. The main area of concern is to market the products or services. There are numerous ways on the internet. Pay per click advertisements refer to a commercial media for which a marketer pays to promote himself. A person should have complete knowledge of the medium. There is a tendency to loose maximum amount of money if one uses it without knowledge. You should do a research and find out if it is beneficial for the business and you are able to reach target audiences. There are offline advertisements, which mean publicizing by distributing flyer, announcements, brochure, local newspaper, etc. In these printed materials, one should always mention his online site. However, simply talking about the company and providing the online site might not help. The content and the presentation of these advertisements should be fresh and crisp. It should entice a customer to know more about the organization or the product. Email Marketing is also an effective way to reach the potential customers. In this method, a marketer is able to communicate to new clients and retain the previous ones. An advertiser gets relevant queries and has a greater chance to have immediate sales. However, you should take care that the campaign sent to valid and relevant addresses. If this point is not kept in mind then you might be rated as a Spammer. Posting articles

Jul 09

Aerial Advertising Marketing in Style

Many business owners dont pay any attention to aerial advertising. Even when they hear about it they tend to ignore it, only because they dont know its worth. However, some innovative business owners have tried it and after seeing its finest results they continue to opt for it. Let us see why aerial advertising is so stylish and how it suits your business.

Let me ask you something, you see so many ads everyday, how many of them do you remember? For instance, if you remember one, do you remember any details besides a good looking model? Obviously, the answer will probably be no. The reason for this is that we do not remember things which are alike and are repeated time and again. Our brains are attracted towards something that is unique and stylish.

Some people come up with unique ad ideas for TV, radio, and other traditional media, but it takes considerable thinking, a good aesthetic sense, besides production, and other overheads. Even then, there are still chances that your potential consumer may miss your ad that you prepared with so much hard work and effort.

But the case with aerial advertising is completely different. All you have to do is present the information and artwork of your business to the aerial advertising company and they will do the rest. You can rest assured that your ad will not only reach your potential consumer but will also create the desired impact.

When people hear the roaring of the airplane they instinctively look up and your banner will automatically attract the attention. Aerial billboards are catchy and colorful in nature and appeal to the sense of curiosity of the viewer. This is the reason that forces the viewers to buy your product next time they visit the

Jul 08

Advantages of Local Business Directories

Technology has evolved, and everything has changed. Previously, people used to refer to yellow pages when they wanted to know about the local businesses in their vicinity, but now all they need to do is log in to Google and type in the keyword of the type of the business and the products that they are looking for to get a diverse list of things meeting their criteria.

Search engines have now evolved to and they categorize things based on locations to provide more localized and specific results. Similarly websites like Yelp and Google places make the entire process a lot easier. They provide the people with directions, contact details and also the customer reviews to help them in determining the service quality of each business.

For business owners following are some of the major advantages of Local Business Directories:

Brand recognition:

If you are listed in the local businesses directory on the internet then it is likely to generate a lot of traffic to your website, and provided you have designed a good enough website, it can help you build a good brand image and a loyal customer base.

For example: if you have a Chinese restaurant in Reisterstown, and you have it listed in one of the local businesses directory then every time somebody searches for Chinese restaurants, chances are that your restaurant will show up in that list and people will be directed towards your website. The rest is up to your website and your menu to win them over.

Brings in more customers as it displays on mobile maps:

People use their smart phones to search for things when they are away from your computers, having your business listed in an online business directory makes your business available on mobile maps which can direct a lot of customers to your shop.

More Efficient and

Jul 07

Turn Features Into Benefits For Maximum Marketing Appeal

When it comes to designing poster printing and other marketing materials, highlighting benefits always generate more interest and bring in more customers than highlighting features. If you are a business owner creating your own marketing materials, you might have a hard time of creating purely benefit oriented marketing materials.

The difference between a feature and a benefit

A lot of people, who do their own marketing materials instead of using an agency make this common mistake, so do not feel bad if you have made this mistake in the past. Some copywriters can even get features and benefits confused. The difference between them is that features talk about facts (remember the two Fs to help you differentiate) and benefits relate more to customer experiences, specifically good customer experiences.

For example, if you have a chiropractic office, your features might include the following:

Over 15 years of experience
Excellent customer service
Latest technology

Translating features into benefits

Now, let us translate these features into benefits. First of all, you need to put yourself in the mind of your ideal customer. Figure out why these features matter to the customer. How do these features make customers lives better? What emotions do these features make them feel? Taking all of these questions in mind, we can translate the features above into the benefits below:

You can trust me with your back and health
You would not have to wait for your appointment and your questions will be answered
You will get the utmost care because our technology catches conditions older technology cannot do.

Now compare these two lists. What makes the benefits sound so much better than the features? Mainly it is because features do not appeal to emotions and other chiropractors can

Jul 06

Four Most Effective Methods For Chiropractic Advertising

is here and you cannot keep relying on the same old, outdated method for advertising your chiropractic services. Now is the time to use your money wisely to get the maximum benefit from your advertising campaign.

Here are some proven ways of chiropractic advertising:

1. Make Your Newspaper Ads More Effective Many chiropractors use newspaper ads to market their services, but dont find them very useful. The reason for this is that most of the newspaper ads are boring and stereotyped. They fail to draw any attention and look like a non serious attempt to develop brand recognition. To make your newspaper ads work, make it more attractive, catchy, and interesting. For example, launch a special newspaper discount coupon and you can easily measure its effectiveness before your offer expires.

2. Design an Effective Chiropractic Website In this era of the internet, having a chiropractic website can be one of the strongest legs of your advertising campaign. Proper websites should have useful information, discussion forums, a blog, as well as inquiry forms, all created with the intent to have people come in as your newest patient. Flashy websites may help you get immediate attention, but may not be helpful in converting visitors into customers. They have to be conversion optimized get you in new people.

What is the result you are after in your website that people say they like the look and dont take any further steps, or one that gets prospective new patients to want to come in? One that is text heavy, bombarding the person with information or one that makes them want to come in to get their questions answered?

Your site must drive business to you in the form of new patients in the door. If it does not,

Jul 06

Online Newspaper Agency Get All Services Under One Roof For Classified Advertising

Newspaper classified advertising is in great demand since long time. Such ads are very helpful for small advertisers. They can invest small amount and get very good response by Newspaper classified advertising. In todays time, classified advertising has become very easy. Now, advertisers can book there ad online. Newspaper advertising agencies provide online booking facility.

They ask to follow some easy steps to place order. It happens in past when advertisers have to wait for uncountable days to place their order. Online newspaper advertising agency provides an easy process to book newspaper ad. It does not take more than half hour to book ad online. Here, the step by step procedure given to book your newspaper classified online. You need to first select your package. Next, click on the book button of your chosen package. After this, you will land to the compose page. Online advertising agency gives you ad samples as per your category. So, take the help of ad samples as they are prepared by experts. Then you need to select the ad details that include no of package, day of publishing, sub category. An option is given to preview your advertising message. After viewing your classified ad, click on continue. Your step will take you to the payment page. There you have to give some details to finally make payment. After making your payment, you will get confirmation on your mail.

Newspaper advertising agency offers different payment procedures. It includes credit card, debit card, bank transfer as well as direct payment. However, it is advisable to make payment online. It helps you in avoiding lots of troubles. If you feel any trouble during the booking process then you can ask for support. The client servicing executive helps you in the selection of package as well as

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