May 25

Various Types of Loyalty Programs

We can say that Customer Loyalty can be both a behavioural and attitudinal tendency to give preference to a brand over others, due to various factors like being satisfied with the service or product, its performance or convenience or just being familiar and comfortable with a particular brand. The advantage of customer loyalty is that it motivates customers to buy more consistently, spending a sizable portion of their wallet and feeling positive about their shopping experience. This turn attracts customers to customary brands in an environment of stiff competition.

The Five Broadly Divided Classes:

Appreciation Program: This is a scheme to reward one’s consumers with added advantage like additional value or better services on purchases. Usually it is a closed loop strategy which aims to provide more to its prevailing consumers. The budget for Appreciation Programs is comparatively low, where loyalty activities are highly focused with rather less complications. The entire expense is borne by the organization that is sponsoring and all the benefits are ploughed right back into it. It focuses only on a selected few and the basic objective is maintaining the levels of business from the individual consumers.

Rebate Program: Though simple, this loyalty program is tactical by nature as it concentrates on the discounts given to a consumer depending upon his custom. It doesn’t really give importance on accrues since the consumer awareness is powered directly through the sum saved during each purchase. The database is collected, the loyalty token is issued and the transactions of the customer is traced and analyzed. This program is distinguished by its singular want of accrual features.

Collation/Partnership Program: This is utilized when a company links itself with non-competing associates to give a sizable and diverse rewards pool and thus increasing the appeal for the consumers and expanding their inclination for purchasing more from

May 23

Courses In Advertising Include Objectives Of Advertising

Business Management College or institute for advertising offers various Courses in Advertising. Many students are going for it because of its high scope. But few of them only know the objectives of Advertising. So, let us discuss today about the objectives of advertising which you may study in Advertising courses.

The advertising’s objectives imply the communication tasks to be accomplished. During a defined time frame, these tasks are directed towards particular customers that an organization is trying to reach. An organization involves in advertising activities, strives to achieve one (at least)of the four common objectives of advertising, that are: continuity, trial, switchback and brand switching.

Trial Objective

The purpose of this objective is to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a new product which has been revealed in the market. During product launch, organizations deploy creative ad strategies so that they can stay ahead in the competition. Trial objective of the ad campaign should be given more attention in order to invite targeted customers.

Continuity Objective

Continuity is the next objective which is a typical strategy to keep current customers to stick to the same product. To keep the customers engaged the company usually provides different and new information about the product which is designed to develop brand loyalty.

Brand Switching


Brand switching is the third objective which is one of the widely employed objective of advertising. When companies want customers to switch to their brand from their competitors brand then this technique is adopted. Brand switching strategy requires a convincing communication so that the mindset of the customer is changed.

Switchback Objective

Switchback objective is the last but not the least brand. It is another strategy used by brand owners and advertisers to win back their former customers. For this, a particular company may highlight some

May 22

Save On Advertising Costs With Brochure Printing

Brochures are one of those things that can be a fun exercise of creativity, as well as a proven way to get the message of your company across. However, as we all know, like how most advertisements go, it can come with some costs. The designing, as well as printing, of these brochures can cost you quite a sum. However, there is a way for you to free yourself from some of the costs associated with creating brochures. This is thru brochure printing.

You might ask yourself this question: how can I avail of brochure printing in order to help myself reduce the costs of producing brochures? Of course, the first way would be creating your own templates. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually easier than it sounds, and can even stimulate your creative juices into overdrive. What youll need to have is to devise a concept. Are you planning to create a single sheet brochure or a folding brochure? Based on that, you can now create your brochure absolutely free. The only investment that youll need to obtain those brochure printing is a bit of effort and a good dose of creativity. There is an advantage of creating your own brochure. Since you know exactly what your business is all about, you definitely know what elements youll need to include in the sheets.

However, if that way of obtaining brochure printing is not exactly your thing, dont despair. This is because there are still a lot of ways in which you can obtain brochure ideas for free. Search the internet, and you are going to see a lot of brochure printing available online. They have available formal and informal styles that are going to suit whatever message you are trying to convey. In addition, regardless if you are

May 21

The Influence Of Aggressive-subtle Internet Marketing Strategy On Your Business

In the online environment nothing plays as crucial a role in your businesses success as that of the internet marketing strategy. Marketing is a necessary tool in any business environment but in the high competition environment of the internet it plays an even greater role. When you consider a well established internet marketing strategy you can usually see it divided into two main categories, aggressive marketing and subtle marketing. These two categories are efficient on their own but when you are able to develop a plan that incorporates both ideas, you will develop a fantastic internet marketing strategy.

The aggressive website marketing strategy is usually a company’s direct method of attempting to reach customers and inform them of their goods or services. There are several different types of this strategy that range from the use of target marketing to direct mailing efforts. The internet represents one of the first environments where target website marketing strategy becomes efficient, permitting you to promote specifically on sites which appeal to your clients and then track the efficiency of those ads.

You could even discover one of the most effective direct marketing opportunities which have ever existed. Whilst not every individual has a mailing address, nearly every person across the globe has an e mail address, usually more than one. This enables you to get your message to consumers directly without the uncertainty relating to the postal service.

While aggressive website marketing strategy is reminiscent of conventional marketing methods, the subtle website marketing strategy opportunities generate new ways for businesses to help consumers find them. This is most effectively done when you take benefit of search engine optimization tools.

Through this exclusive online feature you will be able to use keywords which will aid clients find your site over others in search

May 20

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Used In Business Promotion

Originally, guerrilla marketing tactics have been used as low cost, unconventional methods to get quick attention in the promoting of a product or a service. The use of sticker bombing, flyer posting, street corner, costumed characters, and other different techniques have been used.

In recent times, guerrilla marketing tactics have included the promotion of a product or a service through a network of individuals, organizations or groups that work together to popularize an item or product, or by using such bizarre methods as flash mobs, internet marketing methods, and viral marketing campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing was coined to be used in conjunction with the term guerrilla warfare, which employs unusual tactics that are not expected in order to win a battle. Initially, this tactic was only employed by medium to small businesses, but lately, even large businesses are employing these techniques in order to snare more business.

Rather than be tied to a huge advertising budget, a guerrilla marketing campaign can use methods of promotion that rely on ingenuity, effort, guts, patience and energy. Usually these types of campaigns are unconventional in nature, unexpected, potentially interactive with the potential customers, and occur in unexpected locations and places.

The many methods of a guerrilla marketing campaign can include promotion driven public appearances in public places, giveaways of products at fairs, promotions and public venues, public relations stunts, flash-mob presentations, and targeted promotions.

Now, with digital technology becoming very much the vogue, guerrilla marketing tactics are moving rapidly onto an online presence with all kinds of promotions designed to get the attention of the prospective customer, and close him or her in one fell swoop.

This technique of marketing is usually pretty good at getting the attention of the prospective customer, but it also has to deliver the goods as far as getting the sale closed. So once an

May 19

Advertising Agencies Have To Adapt With New Media

Advertising agencies have dramatically changed over the last twenty years thanks to the Internet and online advertising. Most businesses realize the importance of getting online and using the hip new methods and processes associated with forms of Internet advertising.

Few could have imagined in the early 80s what role advertising agencies would take on today. The Internet has changed the way we live and do business. It has forever changed consumer habits. What was once the lifeblood of advertising, newspapers and magazines, is now on the decline and has evolved from direct response advertising to branding.

Advertising agencies have added such methods as search engine positioning, pay per click marketing and social media marketing to their arsenals. Not only do agencies develop video ads for television slots, they now create video ads for the internet and viral videos for YouTube.

Offline marketing has changed as well. Readership has dropped for many big newspapers and magazines. New services like transport ads have come into play. Even stationary billboards have gone high tech by playing full color video advertisements. There are more options today in offline advertising than ever before.

Advertising agencies have to create a larger variety of ads. They must design banner ads that are effective at getting clicks. They need to create videos that are accepted by social communities online that walk the fine line between advertising and entertainment.

Advertising agencies today have to be quick to adopt new trends since Internet media is constantly and rapidly changing. What works today may be ineffective next year.

Choosing the right advertising agency for your business will take a little work. You want to make sure you sign with a company that is on the cutting edge of adverting methods and not one that is stuck in the old methods of

May 19

What Is The Importance Of Outdoor Advertising In A Commercialised Age

Brand promotion through outdoor media is considered effective and relevant with the changing scenarios of time. Modern advertisers heavily invest in outdoor advertising to promote their brands. The oldest yet one of the most effective means of brand promotion, outdoor ads still recreate the magic of advertising through outdoor media.
Today”s world is becoming more and more commercialised. The upfront of brand awareness of brands and the ceaseless growth of commercialization, both contribute to the rising requirement of more and more brand promotion solutions. Advertising, as a brand promotion means is considered important and essential to create brand impression on the target customers.

From the perspective of outdoor advertising, various interesting observations have so far been made by experts. Outdoor ad practices such as airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc are considered synonymous to latest promotion means for modern advertising. Providing a richer and fuller impact about brands to customers, these outdoor advertising practices have created a landmark in making a history of advertising India at present.

Why outdoor media?

Outdoor media has the potential to reach massive group of customers through a single ad. Outdoor ads are exposed in public for customers to access and gather brand information. The buying habit of customers is widely influenced through outdoor media. The reason is simple. Every section of customers moves outdoors for personal and professional reasons. Providing valuable brand information to all these customers, outdoor media of advertising is considered one of the most effective means of promotion products.

Another reason which supports the usage of outdoor media for brand promotion is that, it is a more interactive medium to promote brands. Especially with the introduction of various new age tools, outdoor brand promotion has created its footholds. Airport advertising, metro advertising, mall advertising all these

May 12

The 5 Best Ways To Build Your Stand For A Trade Show

Are you interested in exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions? There are many reasons why you should do this, especially due to the fact that you get to generate a lot of new business, since the shows are the one place where all of the major players in the industry get together under one roof. This is where all of the networking can happen, and also where you have got the chance to make sure that you attract lots of interesting customers to your stand. In order to do this however, your stand design needs to be head and shoulders above the rest. Remember, you will be vying for a lot of attention in a space filled with innovation and design. The first step to creating a great stand that can compete on the level that it needs to is to choose the right company to build it. You need to choose a company that has got a good creative focus and that is also geared toward making sure that your life is made easy during the design process.

There are, however, a few tips and tricks to keep in mind whilst your exhibition stand is being built:

– Uphold company vision. One of the most important things to remember when getting a display stand built is the fact that it needs to represent your company honestly. There is no point in having a stand that does not accurately reflect what your company is all about.

– Incentive. People must want to come to your stand, and you must provide them with a reason to do so. This can come in the form of a coffee bar on your stand or some great free stuff that you give away. Either way, you want your incentive to really draw people in so that you

May 11

Defining Market Research

Market research involves business processing mechanisms, collection of high quality and valuable data for a proposed business market with a target of providing research assistance and product service. It is aimed at providing assistance to the budding entrepreneurs and provisioning business level decisions. The process helps by offering every market level with business decisions that are in compliance with industry standard and market policies. The business ideas help in quality valuation of the information and proposal of a business market.

The method of research involves collation of profitable information and business understanding across the global line. It is ventured to know early level errors that a business entrepreneur might make during the initial stage. Research method helps in cutting the risks involved during the preliminary stage and clearing the business mistakes. The final case study consists of customer reviews and demands wherein the customer views are taken into account so as to grow as a successful business.
There are cases where majority of the startups end up having errors during the course, the research process ensures one with the analysis and results that are not primitive in nature and the module along with guidance helps in designing one’s own research information and analysis.

It is an overall process which includes gathering of information, performing analysis, interpretation of the data and offering of service. The process enhances relevancy of the data by solving the challenges involved in the marketing cases and that one’s business is about to face. It may be a part of the integral mode during the process of BPP (Business Planning Process). There is scope of customization, strategizing various level of market segmentation by identifying special groups that are involved in the internal area of the market. This process also helps in creating specific group of the competitors and the

May 10

What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing

The next big thing in the marketing world is Digital Marketing. This mode is contemporary, user friendly and very accessible. Also known as online marketing, this is a way of endorsing products and services using the digital interactive distribution channels. This medium involves usage of modern communication media like internet, mobile and digital outdoor mediums.

The importance of digital media marketing can be ascertained by a prediction which says Strategic internet marketing is likely to replace the traditional tools of marketing in the next five years. A large section of marketing experts believe that this digital interactive marketing medium will make traditional marketing tools appear irrelevant to the new generation media consumer.
Difference between digital and traditional marketing

Gone are the days when internet marketing was considered a stand alone promotion medium. With increasing reach of digital marketing technologies, online marketing is capable of taking over most of the traditional marketing areas in a digital way. Direct marketing seems to be an outdated phenomenon after internet marketing made its place in commoners life. Direct marketing is now quick, easier, interactive and beyond human limitations with the use of internet marketing tools.

With every passing day, human lives are moving online. Traditional marketing media is losing its momentum. A TV spot, which was considered most effective a few years back, is losing its charm. Today, it is 25% less effective as compared to a situation few years back. Strategic internet marketing reaches the consumers where they are. A recent survey study disclosed that up to 90 percent of the real estate prospective buyers begin their search on the internet. This indicates that real estate companies have no choice but to resort to digital marketing strategies. Internet marketing tools have advantage of easy accessibility. SEO, banner placement, email marketing, social

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